5 Types of Clients You Need To Stop Working With in 2021

by Daniella Genas
4 mins read
3rd 2021 February

Here at She’s the Boss International, we have declared 2021 as the year of GROWTH. We are pursuing it unashamedly, as well as encouraging our clients and the wider STB community to do the same. Business growth specifically, requires an increase in the number of clients and customers. However, not all business is business worth having. Instead of adding to your business, there are certain clients that can be quite detrimental to business growth. There are 5 types that we have identified that you need to cut ties with in 2021:

The Demander

This client has decided that they are your boss and you must therefore do whatever they ask of you, whenever they ask. The demand immediate responses and get annoyed when you don’t instantly jump to action to resolve whatever problem or challenge they bring to you. They like to set unrealistic targets and are continually demanding more from you and your business.

Why you need to get rid: The more you jump at their every request, the more they will expect. They will take up more time than they have paid for and turn what may have been a profitable contract into an unprofitable one.

The Drainer

This client is a significant drain on your resources. They are constantly on the phone and mostly without any real reason. They email you multiple times a day asking questions that you have already answered. The worst part about the drainer is not even the constant unnecessary communication, it is the expectation that you will provide lots of extras without them needing to pay any extra. They want to bleed you dry for every moment of the time they have paid for, plus more on top. They are the one’s who minimise the extras they are asking for. They use lines such as “but it won’t take you that long”, “can’t you just give me 5 minutes of your time”. They try to guilt trip you into helping them and never seem to have enough to pay you what you deserve.

Why you need to get rid: This person will continue to take and take if you allow them to. You need to spend your time providing services to people who want to pay you your worth.

The Ambiguous

This client is frustrating. They never clearly communicate what they want but expect you to know and get it right. They seem to think you are a mind reader. You have to constantly coax them to provide you with clarity. They don’t communicate their requirements and make assumptions based purely on whatever they have made up in their head. Once they finally do provide clarity, they quickly change their mind. You are continuously going back and forth trying to get them to make a decision as they are so indecisive.

Why you need to get rid: You waste so much time trying to understand what this person wants and/or changing what they previously ok’d that it is hardly worth what you are being paid.

The Lazy One

This person expects results but refuses to put in any effort to produce these results. You are constantly having to check in with them only to be told that they haven’t implemented what you have asked them to. They moan that they are not getting the outcomes that they expected, yet take zero responsibility for not taking any action. They want you to do everything for them, even the most basic of things.

Why you need to get rid: This person is not going to achieve the results that you are attempting to implement. They will blame you and you will not get a good testimonial, case study or review. They may negatively impact your reputation.

The Moaner/Complainer

This person is never happy with your work. No matter how good you are or how much effort you put in, they are never satisfied and always have something negative to say. They always find something to critique and mostly the critique is based on something outside of your control or within theirs. They expect you to jump through hoops and when you do, they play it off as though it wasn’t a big deal.

Why you need to get rid: This person will make you feel bad. The working relationship will become toxic and eventually may lead to a negative confrontation. This can negatively impact your reputation.

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