Be the Boss provides several one to one, transformational business support programmes which last 6 – 12 months

Guide My Vision

Do you want to accelerate the growth of your business and  gain clarity on the best direction to take your business? Need support to create and actualise your vision and business strategy? Want a trusted and experienced business advisor to help you achieve your goals, stay motivated and problem solve?

Guide My Vision will provide you with a clear plan for business growth and success as well as the support to help you achieve it.


The Big Boss

Are you ready to significantly level up? Are you extremely ambitious and require the support, guidance and structure to WIN in business? Want to guarantee your business the best chance of
success and avoid costly and time consuming mistakes?

The Big Boss is strictly for the most ambitious and serious of entrepreneurs and business owners, ready to invest in the highest level of support.

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Be the Boss offers three consultancy packages

Build My Strategy

Are you struggling with a specific area of your business? Are you seeking growth but not sure how to attain it? Do you have a great product/service but not generating the sales? Are you finding it difficult to identify relevant opportunities for your business to pursue? Are you finding it difficult to engage your ideal customer or client?

Build My Strategy will explore all of the key challenges you’re facing in your business and provide clear and concise strategies to help you move forward.


Do you know that you want to achieve success but are not entirely sure what it looks like or the steps you need to achieve it? Want to gain clarity, boost motivation and increase your chance of success?

Vision:20 is an experiential and highly impactful intervention designed to help you generate a clear and compelling vision for your business. Coupled with the strategies, goals and action plans required to actualise your vision, it provides a clear a blueprint for success.

Build My Business

Do you wish your business afforded you the freedom to take time off and still generate revenues? Are you overworked, overwhelmed, burnt out and stressed?  Are you fed up with being and doing everything in your business? Are you growing and struggling to effectively manage all of the moving parts within your business?

Build My Business deep dives into the inner workings of your business, creating a detailed operations manual including all of the processes required to run your business.  It will help you regain your time, boost efficiency and profitability and enable your business to scale effectively. Get organised, reduce overwhelm and facilitate growth in your business.

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Be the Boss also provides a range of business and personal development workshops for organisations, educational institutions and events (in person and online). 

We provide a wide range of topics including:

  • Vision:20 – How to develop a compelling vision, set achievable SMART goals and create a blueprint for success.
  • Innovation for Success – How to generate and commercialise winning ideas.
  • Getting Your Business Supply Chain Ready – The mistakes to avoid and the key steps to winning contracts and tenders.
  • Stop Targeting Everybody – How to identify your ideal clients/customers, craft personas and value propositions that attract them.
  • Marketing that works – How to create effective marketing and PR campaigns that attract your target customers/clients.
  • Financial management for success – Effective financial planning and management tips that all small business owners should implement.
  • Building a scalable business that isn’t reliant on you – How to avoid burnout, accelerate growth and build an organised and efficient business.
  • Future Proof Your Business – A proven method for avoiding business disasters.

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Online Programmes

Be The Boss™ courses provide Entrepreneurs, Business Owners & Founders, with the practical knowledge, insights, tools and guidance, to help you stop stagnating and start thriving in the face of real-world business challenges.

The VISSA Business Growth Programme

Are you looking for a way to take your business to the next level? The VISSA Programme is the perfect solution to help you level up.


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