Kelly Walker-Reed

“Daniella’s help has been invaluable to realise my potential and be braver in my business, more than this she has made me realise my worth. The greatest impact has been being able to talk through problems with someone that has been through it.”

Clara Wilcox
The Balance Collective

“I started working with Daniella as I wanted to create an online course; but what I got was so much more than this. She has challenged my mindset, focused me to be braver with how I run my business and promote myself. Over the time I worked with Daniella, I increased my prices, focused my marketing, expanded my service and product range and created systems that mean I am so much more efficient and productive. Now nearly a year on from when we initially worked together, I am more profitable, my corporate client base has expanded and I have a more confident cash flow!”


Jamie Bakewell
Bigtooth Studios

I found the work with Daniella very beneficial. It was great to have guidance giving my business more clarity in terms of vision, opportunities and growth potential. Working on simple pricing guides for our service has helped us gain clarity when communicating with clients. Now, we plan our weeks with time blocking and setting smaller goals along the way. Setting such goals and achieving them along the way helps. Being aware of the importance of systems and processes and how important they are was also a key takeaway. My confidence has grown when networking and being able to confidently talk about our business to clients is great. Thanks Daniella

Althea Giscombe
Althea Tomlin Skincare

“Daniella, is a high level critical thinker. She easily gets to understand your business, needs, aims, skills and markets. She is great at drilling down and coming up with positive solutions and focuses your mind and energy on what is required to be successful. My change in mental attitude, focus, strategic approach and critical success areas were all identified as areas of improvement. This has helped me focus on the direction in which the company should go in order to succeed. ”

Gareth Robertson
Design Pit

“I needed accountability and a sounding board to help me make better decisions. Daniella gave me exactly that – someone to report back to and this forced me to explain myself when I failed to meet an internal deadline. I’ve become more time efficient and I make decisions faster than ever before. I also have a better handle on the finances and I’ve implemented technology to streamline processes – which in turn make my customer’s journey through working with me so much more fluid and impressive. Thank you Daniella – you’re amazing!”

Annika Spalding

“Daniella has helped take my business back to basics. One of the most helpful aspects of the support was Daniella’s ideas around being a influencer or expert leader in my field. I also have had the confidence to step away from the day to day running of my business and look to build a company that can survive and thrive without me! In the last 6 months that I have been working with Daniella, my turnover has increased by 34%”

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