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Resilience Is The Key

Resilience is the ability to pick yourself up after failure, to keep going despite setbacks, and to come back stronger each time. Resilience is not just a trait, it’s a skill that can be developed and honed over time. With the roller coaster ride which is entrepreneurship, it is essential that you build your resilience. Back in 2015, I was forced to sell my business. It was a tough pill to s 3 mins read

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We Are Hiring! – Partnerships & Client Relationship Coordinator

PARTNERSHIPS & CLIENT COORDINATOR (Part Time) Can you Think BIG, Take ACTION & Keep PUSHING?  THE ROLE: Partnerships & Client Relationships Coordinator [3 Month, Part Time, Contract to Hire] Be the Boss International is seeking a proactive go getter, looking to be part of a fast growing and evolving company. ABOUT US:  Be the Boss International provides transformational business suppo 3 mins read

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Advice to my 8 Year Old Self for IWD 2023

ON INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY BUSINESS CONSULTANT SHARES ADVICE SHE’D GIVE TO HER 8-YEAR-OLD SELF NEW research has revealed more than half of female entrepreneurs have been turned down for a loan to fund their new business, even as the Government pledges ambitious growth for the economy. And this rises to more than two-thirds among black women, according to a survey by financial platform Tide. The 3 mins read

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Building Entrepreneurial Resilience: Tips For Bouncing Back From Business Setbacks

Setbacks are a feature of all entrepreneurial journeys, unless you exist in a utopian business world where all your plans and effort always yield desired results.  But since we all exist and do business in the real world, we can only afford to carry on with adequate preparations for dealing with setbacks. Now does this fact spell doom for you and your business? Not at all! Instead, it presents opp 5 mins read

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Getting your pricing right: A Brief Guide

Most entrepreneurs and early-stage founders will agree that working out the ideal pricing is one of the trickiest aspects of doing business.    The need to get it right usually comes with a lot of pressure, as it has the most impact on revenue.  Pricing alone can spell success or failure for start-ups, and this reality makes things even more complex and confusing.  On the one hand, the fear is tha 4 mins read

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Daniella Featured on Be Your Own Podcast

“IF YOU ARE MAKING PLANS FOR YOUR BUSINESS, THEY NEED TO ALIGN WITH THE PLANS YOU HAVE FOR LIFE.” DANIELLA GENAS TELLS PODCAST ABOUT HER JOURNEY SO FAR & WHAT SHE HOPES WILL COME NEXT TAKING time out to reflect where you have come from, is as important as planning your future direction of travel. That’s why I was delighted to share the story behind my career so far and what I hope will come ne 4 mins read

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Creating A Winning Growth Strategy For Your Business: 5 Steps To Follow

You have heard all the great gist about growth strategies and business success. And now, you want to create one for your business. But uncertainties involving where or how to get started keep holding you back. At Be The Boss, we understand how overwhelming the idea of creating a growth strategy is for most entrepreneurs. So, today, the focus is on helping you feel more confident by demystifying th 5 mins read

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Setting Goals And Measuring Progress: The Importance Of Tracking Success In Business

Doing business often involves seeking and trying out strategies to drive success and business growth. With so many moving parts, it can be challenging for entrepreneurs and business owners to know where to direct their efforts.  On the bright side, businesses can beat the confusion and stay on track for success by setting clear goals and measuring progress.  In this blog post, we’ll explore 4 mins read

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Why A Client-First Mindset Is Essential For Long-Term Business Success

Here is a question for you: would you have ever considered starting a business if customers didn’t exist to pay for your products/services? Most business owners would say no.  You see, apart from the incentive of reward (profits), there is a cost to running a business. And customers provide the revenues required to settle this cost. Without them, business owners wouldn’t have a way to pay fo 5 mins read

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