The Katt Williams PR Masterclass: What Business Owners Can Learn

by Daniella Genas
2 mins read
10th 2024 January

You may or may not have caught wind of the recent viral interview featuring the American comedian Katt Williams. In this unfiltered podcast appearance, Katt didn’t hold back, taking shots at fellow comedians. While comedy and business may seem worlds apart, there’s more we can take away from this entertaining episode, than meets the eye. Small business owners and founders can glean much from this strategic PR move.


Timing is Everything:

Within just five days of hitting YouTube, Katt’s interview racked up a staggering 32 million views. The timing of the release was no accident, as it coincided with the first weekend of the new year. This strategic move capitalised on the post-holiday blues, grabbing the attention of millions preparing to return to work. For business owners, the lesson here is clear: timing matters. Launching a PR campaign at the right moment can be the catalyst for explosive success.


Choose the Right Platform:

Katt Williams consciously chose YouTube as the platform for his explosive interview, a decision that played a crucial role in its success. Opting for a digital platform over traditional television allowed him to adopt a ‘no holds barred’ approach, creating an unfiltered and raw experience. Moreover, the visual elements of the interview, including Katt’s animated expressions and body language, contributed significantly to its entertainment value. The rapid spread of memes post-interview is a testament to the impact of these visual elements. For business owners, the key takeaway is to carefully choose platforms that align with the message you want to convey and to leverage visual content to enhance engagement.


Authenticity is Key:

One of the driving forces behind the interview’s virality was Katt Williams’ unwavering authenticity. Throughout the conversation, he remained true to himself, fearlessly expressing his opinions without concern for potential backlash or retaliation. In a world where authenticity is valued, Katt’s genuine approach resonated with viewers (and me). Business owners can draw inspiration from this by staying true to their brand values and being authentic in their communications. Audiences appreciate sincerity, and authenticity can build a strong and loyal customer base.


To conclude:

While not everyone may agree with Katt Williams’ tactics, there’s no denying the effectiveness of his strategic PR move. The online buzz suggest he has a tour which will shortly be announce. I have no doubt that the tickets will sell out in record timing. Business owners and founders can learn valuable lessons from this viral moment – from the importance of timing and platform selection to the power of authenticity. In a crowded business landscape, standing out requires strategic thinking and a willingness to be true to yourself. As you navigate the world of business, consider the Katt Williams PR masterclass as a source of inspiration for your next big move.

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