Creating a Clear Vision for Leaving a Legacy

by Daniella Genas
2 mins read
26th 2023 June

Intentionality is key

The desire to leave a legacy is human nature.  For entrepreneurs, this desire can be incredibly strong. We set up businesses and hope that they will create a lasting legacy. However, the desire alone is not enough to make it happen. Legacy requires intentionality.

By embracing intentionality, you can build a legacy that not only benefits your company, but also leaves a positive mark on your customers, employees, and the community at large. Intentionality comes from creating a vision that you aim to achieve with your business.

Consider your values

To craft your vision, it is essential that you first deeply consider the values that drive your business. What is important to you and what do you want your business to achieve in the long term. This shouldn’t be a fleeting thought. You should take time to really dig deep and clarify the answers to these questions. The answers will dictate the direction you take your business, the opportunities you will need to pursue, versus those you should ignore.

Imagine the Future

When creating the vision for your business, imagine what all of the different areas of the business will look like in the future, the ideal scenario. Do not allow fear or uncertainty to limit your thinking. Think BIG! Visualise the best case scenario and map it out. This is intentionality.

By depicting exactly what you want to achieve in the long term, you can then create an action plan for achieving it. This includes ensuring that your actions align with the values and purpose you have set out.

Lack of Clarity

Failure to get clarity on the direction you wish to take your business, can significantly slow down your progress. It can also mean that you wake up several years into your business and realise that you are running a business which is totally unfamiliar to you. A business that doesn’t align with your personal values or with the legacy that you want to leave.

By setting out your intentions early on and documenting them, you are able to hold yourself and the business to account, if or when you begin to steer too far away from the vision. Gaining clarity enables you to consistently and systematically craft a business that enables you to create the legacy that you desire.

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