How to Grow Your Business With The VISSA Model

by Daniella Genas
5 mins read
24th 2023 August

If you are a small business owner, seeking business growth, you know that navigating the world of entrepreneurship and business can be incredibly challenging.  It can be even more challenging when you are determined to grow your business, but don’t know how. You have tried differencr

The online realm makes it seem like it’s easy, with every guru, coach and self-professed expert, advising that you should just “follow these ten steps and you will hit the big time“. Just invest £x and they will give you the secret recipe to business success.

How about if I told you that there is no secret recipe?  No magical formula. Business growth is a matter of intentionality, creating a plan and sticking to it. It seems elusive to many business owners, not because they lack the secret formula. Nor because they have a rubbish product/service, or even because they lack business experience. It is often because they lack intentionality in regards to business growth. If you want to achieve it, you have to be clear on exactly what it is. You need to know what it looks like and what it encompasses.

This is where the VISSA framework comes in. We have identified the key building blocks required to help you achieve that intentionality. We are not keeping it a secret, nor are we charging you to find out what it is. Our framework has helped many businesses achieve significant growth within their businesses and in their lives.

VISSA was developed utilising several years of research into business growth success. It has been developed, tested and refined and has been proven to work. If you want to implement have a read of the key elements.

Vision for Business Growth:

Intentionality is about being clear on where you are going and this starts with Vision. VISSA stipulates that you get clear on the vision you have for your business and for your life. Getting clarity on this can help you create a solid growth plan, which will help you achieve the growth you seek. It is essential to go into detail, to create associated goals and to give yourself an action plan with key dates. You must define exactly what metrics you are using to define growth. You can then break down those metrics into smaller goals and focus on those. This will help you move consistently towards the overall vision and achieve growth.


The second area of VISSA is Innovation, which is essential for business success. This a key part of business growth if you want to remain competitive. You must ensure that you do not become stagnant and continue to evolve and develop your value propositions. This also remains true for your processes and your business model if necessary.  Innovation sets you apart from the pack and gives your customers a reason to choose you over your competitors. When you continuously improve your offerings, you demonstrate that your business is dynamic, responsive, and prioritising customers’ needs. On the other hand, companies that resist innovation become stagnant and lose their appeal to consumers seeking fresh and exciting experiences.


The third area of VISSA is focused on building and implementing the required strategies to achieve sustainable business growth. This includes a range of areas but primarily pricing, finance and marketing. Having a compelling vision, plus innovative products and services is all pointless without the right strategies to execute. Strategy starts with having a clear understanding of who your target customer is, who your primary competitors are and the internal and external environments in which you are operating. These areas will form the key pillars of your strategies. Your strategies need to be informed by market research and should be assessed and refined as they are implemented.

Systems & Processes:

The fourth and arguably the most important element of VISSA is Systems and Processes. If you want your business growth to be sustainable, profitable and manageable, it is essential that you implement the right systems and processes. Doing things in an ad hoc unstructured way, is a sure fire way to failure. Building the right infrastructure for your business, will help you achieve growth at a quicker pace, whilst allowing you to remain in control. It will ensure that you are able to build a business that isn’t solely reliant on you. This is important as a business reliant on you cannot scale and will burn you out. Consider the software and tools that you use in the business and that you may need to implement. Identify areas which can be automated or outsourced. Document your business know how and focus on improving efficiency as this will help to boost profitability.

Accountability For Business Growth:

The final piece of the VISSA framework, is one which we feel makes all the difference: Accountability.  When we refer to accountability we are talking about both business accountability and personal accountability. The business needs to ensure there are strategic objectives and KPI’s which are tracked and measured to help boost performance. The Founder also needs personal accountability as this is what will keep you motivated, focused and smashing your goals. Without it, it is easy to become dejected, demotivated and distracted. Personal accountability can come in the form of mentors, coaches, mastermind groups or accountability buddies.

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