Think Big And Take Action To Achieve Big Goals.

by Daniella Genas
4 mins read
25th 2022 May

The most common characteristic of my high growth clients, is their mindset. Being resilient, proactive and solution-focused are all part and parcel of ensuring your business is always reaching milestones and you, as the owner, are smashing goals. As we constantly revisit goals, it’s good to think about our approach to achieving them. We must also be committed to putting in the hard work to get there. We would all love for every goal to be easily achievable. But if it all seems too simple, you’re probably setting the bar too low and that’s not how you make waves in the business world. Everything you do should challenge you, elevate you and continually motivate you.

Are you struggling to get the wheels in motion on an action plan? Feel as though you are standing in the way of success? Want to know the best way to measure success when it happens? Here’s how thinking BIG and taking ACTION can help you make an impact on your goals.


Don’t let fear hold you back

Now thinking big might seem like the easy part, but it can actually be where the barriers occur. Countless entrepreneurs and business owners have let fear, lack of confidence and the dreaded ‘imposter syndrome’ influence decisions. This is probably the biggest issue that stifles progress because comparison with others, doubting good ideas and feelings of being undeserving can creep in. As an entrepreneur, you have to be comfortable with being uncomfortable. It’s important not to allow a confidence crisis to prevent the pursuit or acceptance of opportunities. It is essential to remain motivated to drive ambition. Don’t worry about what others are doing. Focus on doing you and watch how decision-making becomes significantly easier.


Be prepared for change

I’ve had clients who hire me to help them transform their business and yet do not implement the recommendations, make excuses and blame others for lack of progress. It can also be a resistance to doing the hard thing which will take time to learn. But being stubborn to new ideas, processes and methods will only negatively impact the business down the line. Yes, you may have done things a certain way and achieved success before, but adaptability will be a saving grace when things don’t go to plan. Considering a different approach or strategy when something outside of our control is thrown our way, can help us navigate the hurdles and put us back on track.


Always be intentional 

Channelling your mindset is one thing but taking action is another. When we’re not making decisions, we’re not making the right moves towards success. This can be where things fall apart because an idea is materialised through action. More importantly it needs to be consistent action, even when you don’t feel like it. Seizing opportunities, facing up to the challenges and actualising those goals along the entrepreneurial journey is a must. We can’t sit back and wait for good things to fall into our lap! Even when things aren’t going your way keep at it and don’t get distracted by small failures because in the big picture, they will be insignificant.


Ask for help when you need it

If 2020 and 2021 taught us anything, it’s that anything can happen. Setbacks and failure are inevitable, especially as we face uncertainty and demotivation along the way. But it doesn’t mean we have to give up when we don’t get it right or achieve a goal we have set. Asking for help isn’t a sign of weakness. We have all needed some support at some point or another. This is why accountability buddies are great because they provide a support network to keep pushing or advising you. They are often someone we trust and feel comfortable disclosing challenges and issues to. The important thing is to lean on them when you need. Striving for greatness isn’t a one-step task, it’s a process and certainly not one that should be undertaken alone.


Set KPIs to measure success

Finally, having the right tools for performance measurement is crucial to helping you determine whether you are achieving targets. Key Performance Indictors (KPIs) are the most effective, because they allow you to set measurables based on the type of business you are and the industry you operate in. From revenue growth to client retention rate, the main point is ensuring they are right for your business to identify whether you are growing against a specific set of goals and objectives. Select ones which are actionable in areas you need to develop, and regularly monitor and re-evaluate them so that you are continually finding tangible ways to measure progress.

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