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Does any of this sound familiar?

  • You want to grow sustainably as a business, but don’t know where to start.
  • Your income is so inconsistent, you feel like you’re hoarding cash just in case next month isn’t a good one, and you see no way to break the cycle.
  • You’re exhausted. You’re working long days and nights and feel like you’re doing all the right things but the results just aren’t coming.
  • You’re scared to have time off and feel like if you were to take even one day away from your business, everything would fall through.
  • You want to hire new members of staff but don’t have the time or processes in place to make it happen.
  • You want to improve your service and customer satisfaction but don’t know how.
  • You’re ready to step it up a notch and know there must be an easier, more efficient way that doesn’t leave you overwhelmed.
Limited availability

We’ve been taught that incredible business owners work 20-hour days, 6 days a week and are on call 24/7. That’s what makes them so successful
– they hustle.

But it’s a lie.

That’s what bad business people do.

They miss out on profit, because their whole business depends on their availability. If they aren’t there to move something forward, it doesn’t get done.

They miss out on living, because their head is always in their business, putting out fires and crunching impossible numbers that just don’t accurately represent the amount of effort they’re putting in.

It's a vicious cycle.

So, what do successful entrepreneurs do?

  • They build their businesses on a successful model.
  • A model that means the business works 24/7 without any extra effort, so they can take much needed down-time.
  • A model that automates everything that can be automated, reducing their workload while increasing revenue and customer satisfaction.
  • A model that encourages a growth mindset, producing profit with reduced effort.

The truth is, if you want a profitable, successful business that doesn’t leave you running yourself into the ground, you need to make sure that it’s reliant on systems and processes; and not you.

The Build My Business Masterclass will show you how.


Meet Daniella Genas.

Multi award-winning entrepreneur, consultant, speaker and business strategy & innovation expert.

I started my career by building two successful businesses from the ground up, and in 2015, I sold one of them.

But If I knew then what I know now, I wouldn’t have had to sell. Business was booming, money was rolling in and my clients were happy.

But I hadn’t built my business properly.

The business was so dependent on me, that when I became pregnant, there was nobody who could step in. Had I built the business to be reliant on systems and had I embedded training and development, I could’ve stepped away from the business without any worry.

I learned a lot on my journey, and since launching my business, She’s The Boss International, I have been lucky enough to share my secrets with and coach hundreds of successful entrepreneurs too.

I empower and support SMEs to elevate and transform their businesses into efficient, profitable, sustainable, systems-driven, money-making machines.

I use my training, experience and techniques to generate jaw-dropping results in every company I have the pleasure of working with.

With an MBA and Master's Degree under my belt, my experience and training has given me a breadth of knowledge that has proven invaluable to those I work with –with a proven track record of boosting my client’s revenue by 6 figures – And now I want to share those secrets with you.

Are you ready?



“Daniella’s help has been invaluable to realise my potential and be braver in my business, more than this she has made me realise my worth. The greatest impact has been being able to talk through problems with someone that has been through it.”

- Kelly Walker-Reed, IHC

“I started working with Daniella as I wanted to create an online course; but what I got was so much more than this. She has challenged my mindset, focused me to be braver with how I run my business and promote myself. Over the time I worked with Daniella, I increased my prices, focused my marketing, expanded my service and product range and created systems that mean I am so much more efficient and productive. Now nearly a year on from when we initially worked together, I am more profitable, my corporate client base has expanded and I have a more confident cash flow!”


- Clara Wilcox, The Balance Collective

I found the work with Daniella very beneficial. It was great to have guidance giving my business more clarity in terms of vision, opportunities and growth potential. Working on simple pricing guides for our service has helped us gain clarity when communicating with clients. Now, we plan our weeks with time blocking and setting smaller goals along the way. Setting such goals and achieving them along the way helps. Being aware of the importance of systems and processes and how important they are was also a key takeaway. My confidence has grown when networking and being able to confidently talk about our business to clients is great. Thanks Daniella

- Jamie Bakewell, Bigtooth Studios

“Daniella, is a high level critical thinker. She easily gets to understand your business, needs, aims, skills and markets. She is great at drilling down and coming up with positive solutions and focuses your mind and energy on what is required to be successful. My change in mental attitude, focus, strategic approach and critical success areas were all identified as areas of improvement. This has helped me focus on the direction in which the company should go in order to succeed. ”

- Althea Giscombe, Althea Tomlin Skincare

“I needed accountability and a sounding board to help me make better decisions. Daniella gave me exactly that – someone to report back to and this forced me to explain myself when I failed to meet an internal deadline. I’ve become more time efficient and I make decisions faster than ever before. I also have a better handle on the finances and I’ve implemented technology to streamline processes – which in turn make my customer’s journey through working with me so much more fluid and impressive. Thank you Daniella – you’re amazing!”

- Gareth Robertson, Design Pit

“Daniella has helped take my business back to basics. One of the most helpful aspects of the support was Daniella’s ideas around being a influencer or expert leader in my field. I also have had the confidence to step away from the day to day running of my business and look to build a company that can survive and thrive without me! In the last 6 months that I have been working with Daniella, my turnover has increased by 34%”

- Annika Spalding, Orsum

What Will You Get from the Build My Business Masterclass?

The Build My Business Masterclass is for entrepreneurs and service business owners that are ready for greater profit, growth, more spare time and far fewer headaches.

Most courses will tell you how to grow a business, but they don’t teach you how to cope with the added workload and stress that inevitably comes with growth.

The Build My Business Masterclass is different.

We focus on how to build a business that doesn’t burn you out and allows you to scale at an accelerated rate. We teach you how to create a business that is insanely attractive and valuable to investors, buyers and franchisees alike, so whatever your business goals are, you can smash them.

For one day only, Friday 23rd September 2022, you can sign up for my 12pm – 3pm masterclass that will teach you everything that you need to know to make your business a shining success.

This Masterclass will delve deep into:

  • Founder reliance – Why most founders build founder reliant businesses, and why you shouldn’t.
  • An introduction to systems and processes – The definitions, the benefits and how to implement them into your business.
  • Case Studies – real world examples of those who applied the BMB masterclass principles and won.
  • System and process mapping – A live look at how to map these for your business
  • Operations manuals – Why they’re critical to increasing revenue and how to create one
  • Team management – How to get your team in shape, working effectively and adopting new processes.
  • KPIs – how to track them and why they matter so much
  • Live Q&A – ask me your burning questions and hear exactly how it’s worked for the hundreds of businesses I’ve worked with.

And that’s not all!
You’ll also leave with:

  • Customisable templates – so you can get to work applying the new tricks to your business immediately.
  • Workbook – So you’ll be kept accountable for bringing in change, with a full workbook that covers every step that you need to follow to make business boom.
  • Audio Recording of the Session – So you'll always have the strategies, knowledge, hints and tips ready for when you need to revisit them.
  • Checklist – for you to work through to make sure you’re applying everything you’ve learned and are in the perfect space to make that breakthrough.
All for just £349.99
Be Quick! Early Bird offer £299.99

Why Should You Sign Up for the Build My Business Masterclass?

Let me be blunt: The Build My Business masterclass is a steal.
This one-off special is significantly cheaper than hiring me to do it all for you, with my services starting at £2,500 for the basic support package.

So, you’ll be getting all the tools at an 80% discount. Sound good?

Even better, the benefit of receiving heavily discounted training is that it’s not a one-time deal; here you will learn and take away the crucial tools for sure-fire success, which you can use again and again and again.

Money aside, the Build My Business Masterclass is not just important for growing entrepreneurs, it’s essential.

Built on years of research gained working with hundreds of small businesses and entrepreneurs, the Build My Business Masterclass identifies the most common mistakes, missed opportunities and stressful areas in running a business and gives you the steps to turn it around.

The topics we’ll be covering are critical for hiring, onboarding, recruiting and managing teams. It’s critical for improving your customer/client experience and thus, revenue.

Utilising tools and processes to make your business run smoothly and consistently is the biggest way to avoid burnout and lead to breakthroughs.

The Build My Business Masterclass is critical to growth, whatever form that takes in your business and life.

Why Should You Sign Up for the Build My Business Masterclass Now?

The bottom line is: The longer you wait to book your spot, the more time and money you’re going to waste.

You could wait to book your spot later, and miss out on the early bird offer, costing you an extra £50.

But you’re an entrepreneur, I don’t need to tell you that’s terrible business sense.

You could decide to miss this event, and go it alone.

But that means you’re looking at another year of spinning plates with no extra results, working harder than is necessary, for little reward. Another year of struggling, another year of frustration. Or... you could take your future into your hands now. You can back yourself and decide that this is the year where you turn it all around.

This is the year that your business becomes a dream business.
This is the year that you watch your revenue snowball.

This is the year where your business runs itself, and you can get back to doing the things you love.

Here’s the thing:

Struggling business owners make purchases.

Successful business owners make investments.

If you’re really serious about taking your business to the next level, making it as successful as it can be while cutting down on your workload and clawing back some time to be the businessperson you always pictured... it’s time to take the first step.

Commit to your success.

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