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How to Grow Your Business With The VISSA Model

If you are a small business owner, seeking business growth, you know that navigating the world of entrepreneurship and business can be incredibly challenging.  It can be even more challenging when you are determined to grow your business, but don’t know how. You have tried differencr The online realm makes it seem like it’s easy, with every guru, coach and self-professed expert, advising that you 5 mins read

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The Role of Accountability in Business Success

Introduction: Laying the Foundation for Success Hello, fellow business folks! Today, let’s talk about something that can make a real difference in your business journey – accountability. We’ve all been there – tired, stressed, and feeling a bit lost. Recently, I had a chat with a client who was facing the same struggles. They mentioned how tough it is to stay on track alone. That got m 4 mins read

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Work-Life Balance: Strategies for achieving it

In Pursuit of Work-Life Balance In today’s fast-paced, demanding business world, achieving the perfect work-life balance, feels like an elusive dream. The relentless demands of our businesses often leave us business owners, overwhelmed and disconnected. We often are forced to sacrifice our personal relationships as we are unable to find the time to spend with our loved ones. We give up on pe 6 mins read

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Innovate or die!

In today’s fiercely competitive business landscape, the saying “innovate or die” holds more truth than ever before. As an entrepreneur or business owner, you might be asking yourself, “Is innovation really that crucial?” The resounding answer is a definite YES. Without a strong emphasis on innovation, your business is vulnerable to stagnation and in the worst cases, f 4 mins read

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Basic Systems Every Small Business Needs

My early journey as a small business owner, taught me the vital lesson of the importance of having robust systems. After pouring my heart and soul into building my first business, I found myself overwhelmed and eventually burnt out. Although I had a team, ultimately, I was responsible for the majority of the operations.  The lack of efficient systems meant that I couldn’t effectively train s 5 mins read

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Creating a Clear Vision for Leaving a Legacy

Intentionality is key The desire to leave a legacy is human nature.  For entrepreneurs, this desire can be incredibly strong. We set up businesses and hope that they will create a lasting legacy. However, the desire alone is not enough to make it happen. Legacy requires intentionality. By embracing intentionality, you can build a legacy that not only benefits your company, but also leaves a positi 2 mins read

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BUSINESS owners from black backgrounds are still having to “smash through barriers” to access the networks and capital to help them succeed, a leading entrepreneur has warned. Speaking ahead of her keynote speech at next week’s  Birmingham Black Business Show  (BBBS) Daniella Genas, says shifting your mindset can help overcome any challenge. Ms Genas, a business coach and the founder of Be the Bos 2 mins read

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Resilience Is The Key

Resilience is the ability to pick yourself up after failure, to keep going despite setbacks, and to come back stronger each time. Resilience is not just a trait, it’s a skill that can be developed and honed over time. With the roller coaster ride which is entrepreneurship, it is essential that you build your resilience. Back in 2015, I was forced to sell my business. It was a tough pill to s 3 mins read

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We Are Hiring! – Partnerships & Client Relationship Coordinator

PARTNERSHIPS & CLIENT COORDINATOR (Part Time) Can you Think BIG, Take ACTION & Keep PUSHING?  THE ROLE: Partnerships & Client Relationships Coordinator [3 Month, Part Time, Contract to Hire] Be the Boss International is seeking a proactive go getter, looking to be part of a fast growing and evolving company. ABOUT US:  Be the Boss International provides transformational business suppo 3 mins read

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