by Daniella Genas
2 mins read
2nd 2022 November

How we Helped an Overworked & Overwhelmed Founder, Reclaim 40% of his Time & Boost Efficiency in his Business!


Taran3D is a creative 3D Agency producing immersive experiences utilising 3D, VR and AR

The Situation: Taran of Taran3D wanted to launch a new service within his business. However, he was incredibly overworked and overwhelmed and was finding it incredibly difficult to get the clarity and focus he needed to put together a plan of action. Whilst he had an idea of what he wanted to do, he simply couldn’t find the head space to do it. He also felt like the business was placing too big of a burden on him, preventing him from being able to look at any specific strategies for growth.

The Process:

We started the intervention with a Vision:20 session to help Taran get clarity on the exact direction he wanted to take his business. Whilst he had a basic idea of what he wanted the business to achieve in the long term, Vision:20 enabled him to get razor sharp clarity on what he wanted the business to achieve in the mid term (3 years).

We then proceeded with a Build My Strategy session. This session was designed to delve deeper into the strategies recommended in the Vision:20 session. We deep dived into the key target clients and service users which the business would be targeting with their new service offer. We explored the pricing structure to determine how to make the new service profitable. We identified key competitors and how identified areas of competitive advantage. We also spent some time identifying key marketing and brand strategies which the business could employ to effectively launch and gain traction with the new service offering.

Having the right vision, action plan and strategies would be ineffective without the infrastructure to ensure effective implementation. We therefore began working on systemising the business through Build My Business. We mapped out all of the key processes for the business and focused on how to improve efficiency and reduce the reliance on Taran. We identified key areas for automations, outsourcing and delegation. We created a range of internal documents including scripts, checklists, how to guides and standard operating procedures which could be used by team members. A full operations manual was created along with KPI’s, and strategic objectives which would be used by the entire organisation. Finally, we conducted a handover session to communicate the new ways of working to the team.

The Outcomes:

Taran said:

“Working with Daniella has been a game changer for our business. We were able to implement and improve processes that led to increased efficiency in our operations and also led to us employing key staff members so that we could delegate more effectively which enabled me to free up 40% of my time, that I was able to invest back into management and business development.”


New team members on boarded
Launch plan for new service
Improved business efficiency
Funding secured
Significant reduction in founder reliance

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