Niyo Enterprise

by Daniella Genas
3 mins read
15th 2021 January

How She’s the Boss helped transform a 5 figure social enterprise, into a 7 figure tech start-up

Niyo Network is the not-for-profit arm of Niyo Enterprise, a multifaceted organisation that uses innovative, creative tools such as technology, hair, and beauty to economically empower black women. She’s the Boss has been working with the company since 2019.

The Problem.

When Niyo Enterprise approached She’s the Boss they were in the very early stages of business. They lacked clarity on the direction they wanted to take the business, who their core target demographic was or how to determine the feasibility of the many ideas they had. They had two very distinct areas of the business but were not clear on the right business model. As a social enterprise, they struggled with managing their social output whilst achieving consistent revenues. The revenues were low and the business model required some innovation

The Process

Niyo has accessed a wide number of She’s the Boss Services over the last 3 years:

Vision:20 > Build My Strategy> Guide My Journey > Build My Business > Executive Advisor

It was recognised that the social aspects of the business were taking precedence over revenue generating activity. Oyin, the Founder was incredibly passionate about making an impact and economically improving the lives of black women. We explored ways in which this could be achieved whilst also generating substantial revenues to move the business from not for profit, to a profit making enterprise that has a social impact.

A Vision:20 session was held to provide clarity on the direction that the business would take in the following three years and the specific methods that would be used to actualise the Vision.

A Build My Strategy session was carried out where we deep dived into the specific strategies which would be used to achieve the social outcomes and generate revenues. From this, Oyin identified Technology as being a key way to achieve her vision and launched the Black CodHer programme which has seen phenomenal success both from an impact perspective and in generating revenues for the business.

In order to facilitate the rapid growth of the business and ensure the business was able to effectively scale, we carried out a Build My Business process. All of the key processes were mapped for the business and an operations manual was created. This has enabled the team to be quickly on boarded and for Oyin to spend the majority of her time working on business development and not operations.

During the period of growth, She’s the Boss has provided regular support to Oyin through monthly coaching and advisory sessions. Key areas covered have included dealing with challenges posed by scaling, strategy, managing the team, developing the internal culture, setting and tracking KPI’s, personal brand development and sales and marketing.

Key Results

  • Turnover increase from £15,000 in 2019 to over £1million in 2022.
  • Growth of team from 2 to 15
  • Launch of BlackCodHer
  • Launch of several hair and beauty products
  • Multiple Award wins for Founder Oyin Adebayo
  • Secured office location
  • Contracts won with major corporate clients
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