Tru Powell

by Daniella Genas
2 mins read
2nd 2022 November

How We Helped a Business Owner Overcome His Fear of Public Speaking and Build a Strong Personal Brand


Tru Powell is a multi award winning creative entrepreneur.

The Situation

Tru approached Daniella for support with one of his business brands, Kandy Girl. He wanted to scale the business as well as raise his own personal profile as a business owner. Whilst he had worked hard to build multiple business brands, he was not getting the recognition he deserved as an experienced entrepreneur. He wanted to build his personal brand but also felt incredibly uncomfortable with public speaking and wasn’t sure where to prioritise his time.

The Process:

Our first action was to map out all of the processes for Kandy Girl Spa and create an operations manual. The operations manual enabled the company to train team members in the ‘Kandy Girl way’ ensuring consistency and quality across the business. 

A three year vision was then developed which outlined some of the products and services the business would be offering, along with a 12 month action plan. The vision and action plan helped him be more strategic and to carve out time to complete strategic activity. 

Customer personas were created to identify the core customer segments for the business. Extensive market research was then undertaken to clarify assumptions. A marketing strategy was then developed. We helped to define the brand story, the key marketing messages, the value proposition statements and the buyer journey.

The development of products and merchandise was also identified as a key part of the company’s growth strategy. Unfortunately, the pandemic had a major impact on the implementation. Therefore, whilst many of the areas were implemented, the business was unable to fully execute the growth strategy. This is something which Tru aims to revisit once normal trading practices can be resumed.

In addition to Kandy Girl, we carried out work for Tru himself, by developing a personal brand strategy. This included identifying his key areas of expertise, what he wanted to be known for and the key methods which would be required to raise his profile. We identified that speaking engagements and awards would be a great area of focus amongst several others. We also recognised that Tru had a very strong network and excellent networking skills. We focused on how best to exploit this to help boost his reputation and expand his reach.

Tru received personalised coaching to help improve his confidence around public speaking, general confidence and accountability for executing his personal brand strategy.

Once he began to execute the strategy and generate results, particularly media appearances, we provided basic media training to help with some of his early appearances.


The Outcome:

The Results:

  • Multiple award wins
  • Multiple media appearances
  • Significantly improved confidence
  • Raised personal and business profile
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